Just For Us

Just For Us
There is never a time that we can say that we don’t need Hashem. Besides for the life that He is constantly pumping into us, He is providing for our every need, every second of the day. We have so many needs. Just when one gets taken care of, we’re already on to thinking about the next one.
A woman told me she was going through a very difficult time and took upon herself to learn more Emunah. Baruch Hashem, shortly afterwards, she was introduced to the boy that she recently became engaged to. She was so grateful to Hashem for this Yeshua. Finally, after seeing the answer to her prayers,however, she was right back to praying heartfelt Tefilot for her next need, financial assistance. But this time, after she had already strengthened her Emunah, she had a calm feeling, recognizing that the finances are out of her control and totally in the hands of Hashem.
One of her major expenses was purchasing a wig. She, like other brides, really wanted two of them, one for every day and one for Shabbat and special occasions. But she had just enough money to buy one. That didn’t stop her from asking her Father in Heaven to provide two for her. She prayed for what she wanted and two weeks ago, she got a phone call from the lady she is buying the wig from who told her that someone just anonymously gave money to buy a wig for a new bride and she’s offering it to her. She said she was taken aback. This was a clear manifestation of Hashem answering her prayers and giving her exactly what she wanted. “Why did she offer it to me?” she thought, “I know there are other brides that she is servicing now as well. How did it come exactly with enough time to be ready for my wedding?” It’s מאת ה-From Hashem-just for me. Hashem helped her, and Hashem can help everyone. The more we realize it, the quicker we’ll ask for His help.
 I read a story about a man from Ela’ad in Israel who’s a Ba’al Teshuva and now a big Talmid Chacham. He said that in 2001 when he started becoming observant, he was doing a lot of business in China. Most of his business dealings with the people there were done over meals. He used to eat non-kosher meat in their restaurants, רחמנא ליצלן, until he slowly began improving. First he stopped eating the meat and told his clients that he became a vegetarian. This went on for a while until he decided to become completely kosher. He knew it would be very insulting to them if he didn’t eat with them, and he didn’t know what to do.
He had the biggest meeting of his life coming up, and it was going to be in one of their restaurants. He wasn’t courageous enough yet to tell them that he couldn’t come. But he was courageous enough not to eat. And he prayed and asked Hashem for help in that situation. The day came, and he was at the restaurant with twenty-five other executives, and they were ordering various dishes for the table. In the middle of the meal someone noticed that he wasn’t eating, and they said in a loud voice, “What’s wrong? Our food is not good enough for you?” He whispered a prayer to Hashem, asking him to put the right words in his mouth, when all of a sudden the wealthiest, most influential executive there got up and said, “Don’t you know he’s a religious Jew? He doesn’t eat this food! We should be thanking him that he even agreed to sit here with us.” With that, everyone was silenced and the meeting progressed and was a success. The man said afterwards, “I have no idea how he knew I was religious. I never showed it, I didn’t look it. It was like Hashem put the words in his mouth to save me.”
Hashem could always help us in any situation. When we recognize how much we need Him, we’ll constantly have words of prayer on our lips, and B’ezrat Hashem, we’ll see with our own eyes His loving hand in our lives.

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