We can only pray for them

The kids are asking: will we grow up on “Allah Akhbar” or on ShemaYisroel?

That’s the horror the father, a frum, pious Yid is faced with.

His estranged wife, whom he married after her becoming a BaalasTeshuva, has gone from veering off the path of Yiddishkeit to converting to Islam and marrying a Muslim.

The mother, who has indeed become frum, has nevertheless failed to address the emotional distress she’s suffered as a result of growing up in a dysfunctional home. Without properly addressing her bruised psyche, she’s remained unstable and emotionally incapable of dealing with life.

Fairly quickly she began veering of path, and her heartbroken husband has been going way out of the way to accommodate the situation as best and efficient as possible. Experts and professionals have been engaged, but rather than at least an attempt to adjust, even if only for the sake of their children, the mother remained stubbornly on that slippery-slope.

Which ended in the pair separating. Once it’s been clear to the father that his wife has reached a point of no return, he solemnly internalized the terrible reality and quickly realized that for the sake of their kids’ Yiddishkeit they ought to part.

Drawing closer to the divorce, the two entered into a custody agreement. The mother has at the time already been in contact with said Muslim guy, but kept the connection secret. This has been a sly decision on her part, so for the father not to suspect the least as to what’s to follow. Had he known, the agreement, which has been carefully worded to ensure the spiritual safety of the children but granted her joint and physical custody, would have been worked out very differently.

The disturbing plans of the mother have been revealed shortly following the divorce. But by that time, it’s been too late. Too late for the lost soul of the mother, but not too late for the father to take action and rescue the kids — a boy and girl — from the claws of שמד.

The mother, who as noted is emotionally not fully stable, has made some moves which served as indications to the court as to her trustworthiness — which has indeed served the father and kids well. She moved herself with the kids to a non-Jewish neighborhood in Taxes, with the intention of raising them from that point onward in a secular manner — and all of this, against a direct court order. This happenedMotzai Shabbos, after having been served on Friday the order by the court not to do so.

In the interim, she began railing the 13-year-girl against the father and to even greater extent against Yiddishkeit. With her sharp mind and maturity, this bright teenager has managed to  grasp where her mother is going with this, and has taken steps to shield herself from her mother’s incitements again her family and religion. Not so much with the younger, 11-year-old boy, who’s too young to comprehend the scope of what’s happening around him. The mother additionally has learnt from her previous failed attempt with her daughter and has engaged the guidance of “activists” guiding her into brainwashing the child.

The mother is further trying to get her Muslim partner move to the US, which would place her in a better position with the court as someone who’s managed to stabilize and settle down.

When the devastated father has realized that the mother is out to gain complete control over the kids, he engaged an attorney to fight back and get the kids away from their mother and her wicked intentions.

The case, which is still developing and B”H moving in the right direction, has been dragging along though. The battle up to this point has drained the father’s savings, further straining his distress and worries. While the lawyer has outlined an excellent strategy which will, Bez”h, bring the kids back home — to Totty and Torah, he is insisting on at least a partial payment towards the accumulated bill well above $50,000.

It’ll be our hearts and compassion to a fellow jew and the Yiddishkeit of his children that will take this saga to a great ending. We will do our share; we will have the zchus of the 2 precious souls ShemaYisroel pave the way for our prayers this Yom Kippur to reach the Almighty.

The fate of two Yiddishenshomes is it stake. It’s now up to us…

I found this Short audio & transcript. By: Rabbi Yitzchak Yeshiva Ateres Shimon. Very inspirational.

The concept of בטחון, trust in Hashem is mentioned very often at the end of this beautiful prayer. What is בטחון, trust in Hashem? People say that they have בטחון but they still have fears.
The פסוק says, “הנה קל ישועתי” Hashem is my salvation, אבטח  I have trust  ולא אפחד and I have NO fear. If we are scared and have fear…then really we are not being so successful at בטחון.
The Chazon Ish says, that true  בטחון is the conviction that NOTHING happens by accident. Everything which occurs has been previously determined by Hakadosh Baruch Hu. NO one so much as cuts his finger, down below, unless it has been previously announced up above, as the Gemara says.
If one is convinced of this, he has בטחון.
“השגחה פרטית” writes the Chazon Ish Divine providence of Hakadosh Baruch Hu towards a person, is based on measure of בטחון, that that person has in Hashem.
“ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח בה’, והיה ה’ מבטחו” The more intense the בטחון a person has in Hashem, the closer Hashem pays attention to him.
“השגחה פרטית” Divine Providence, is at the very foundation of all tefilla. If a person is not firmly convinced that Hashem takes a personal interest in him, there would be no reason to daven. But one who is in Hashem’s hands can relax and all fear leaves him.
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